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 It's almost malpractice not to have the data that Court Data Technologies
can provide when preparing a criminal defense.

Not a CourtTracker client? We can show you how to utilize the wealth of case data in the Wisconsin circuit courts to find facts for your criminal defense preparation. Our CourtTracker research tool can tell you a great many things about criminal cases, including dispositions, pleas, and sentencing, and you can't find this information elsewhere.

Court Data Technologies is a Wisconsin small business started in 2003, and in eight years we have earned a reputation for expertise, dedication, professional conduct, and results. Our clients are criminal attorneys, judges, government agencies, advocacy groups, newspapers, researchers, and others. We know Wisconsin's Circuit Court data better than anyone.

If you would like to discuss how our services can provide you with facts for your criminal defense preparation, please contact us at (608) 442-0600.